Unit Survives 500m plunge. Fully submerged. Still works perfectly!

When the handbrake failed on his 1966 Landrover ute, John, was all ready to head out to spray for the day. However, what happened next delayed that job!

“I looked back with surprise to see the ute rolling away from me and through a fence. The ute travelled approximately 500 metres through the paddock, picking up speed as it approached a dam.  The ute missed several trees and landed in the dam at high speed with the spray unit still in the back”

You can see how much water had to be siphoned from the dam. The ute was a complete write-off.

1 week underwater and 8m deep

8 metres under water, John decided to attempt to retrieve his Quik Spray unit from the Dam. “I siphoned the dam level down 4m in about one week and then hired an industrial pump to continue to empty the Dam. When the ute was finally reachable, we secured the ute with chains and used a tractor to tow it onto the dam wall. The ute was a total wreck, (see pictures below) but I found that there was minimal damage to the Quik Spray unit!”

The Quik Spray sustained minimal damage, even after being submerged in a foot of silt and 8m of water.

Quik Spray steps up to help

“I pressure cleaned the whole unit, replacing the hose reel bearings and several oil changes to the motor and gearbox and cleaned the carby.  With the generous support of Quik Spray, the remote-control radio gear was also replaced.” So, after a week being submerged in water and silt, the Quik Spray was still in great working order! “I never expected to recover the unit in this excellent, working condition and I hope to use it for a few years yet, on our 350-acre property”, said John. John has been a long-term customer since 2007 and has been using his Quik Spray 400L single reel unit regularly for weed control, backburning and firefighting.

The Quik Spray all cleaned up, with new radio gear, donated by Quik Spray.

Quality and reliability is vital when investing in a spray system.  After 12 years of use and being submerged underwater,  John’s Quik Spray is a classic example of why we’ve been around for over 30 years and have earnt the reputation of building the toughest sprayer on the market.

Nothing beats Quik Spray quality.