Fighting weeds for 17 years

Chasing weeds is hard yakka. Especially when they grow in the most difficult terrain. You know it’s going to be a hard job, especially when the terrain is rough, isolated and steep.

After starting his contract spraying business in 2002, Jim Stevenson was finding the challenges of spraying with a heavy rubber hose and manual reels frustrating and increasingly challenging. “All the wasted time and energy involved winding up hoses, only for it to get snagged halfway along, it drove me mad!” Determined to find a better option after successfully operating in NSW, he set a 12-month goal to purchase a Quik Spray unit and what better place to put it through its paces, then in the most difficult terrain, he could find. “I had been avoiding it like the plague. The steep, rocky outcrop was riddled with stumps and fallen timber and overtaken by blackberry. To me, this was the ultimate test for the Quik Spray”.

Jim spraying during aerial inspections, in conjunction with Liverpool Plains Shire Council

One of the best investments you can make 

“I could not believe how easy it handled the job and from that moment on I was convinced these units are one of the best investments you can make. I find that you can spray for 8 hours or so and still have enough energy left to go and play 2 games of touch football” said Jim. Now, after owning 3 units over the span of 17 years, Jim sees no reason to ever change the equipment he uses. “As with all machinery, there are down times. I have always found the staff in spare parts very obliging and friendly and parts are sent out very quickly. I would like to especially, thank Jeremy for his invaluable, technical support and step-by-step guidance on both occasions when I needed it most”.

It’s amazing how much you can get done 

With most of his work involving spraying Blackberry, Sweet Briar, St. John’s Wort, Bathurst Burr and Eucalypt regrowth, Jim noted that Woody weeds are on the increase in his region with the decline in sheep numbers.

“Sometimes it feels like a huge task and a never-ending battle, but it’s amazing just how much you can get done. It wouldn’t get done without a Quik Spray”.


– Jim Stevenson, Weed Spraying Contractor for over 17 years.