About as good as it can get

It was a pleasure to meet Robert Pedersen today as he stopped by to collect his new Quik Spray. After nine solid years with his original unit, it was finally time to upgrade to a newer model.

He arrived back to our office with the original unit strapped onto his Ute, and it was already sold to a new owner before we’d had a chance to remove the tie-downs.

“We’ve had it a while, something like 9 years. We’re on about 45,000 acres. There’s a lot of weeds, and more and more come through all the time, so it gets a lot of use” said Mr. Pedersen’s wife. Running the fourth generation family property in Rolleston, North Queensland with 4,000 head of cattle has certainly kept Mr. Pedersen and his son very busy.

After recognising the Quik Spray name around his local area Mr. Pedersen said “I’d seen them around you know, a lot of the councils have them and I’d seen them at the Ag show in Toowoomba. We thought about it for a few years before we got one” he said with a chuckle.

“I had an old Croplands once, but it didn’t have the wind-up hose reel. I had to reel it in myself! Just winding the reels back is half the problem when you get (the hoses) all the way out”. With the remote-controlled reel retraction, the Quik Spray has saved this farmer a lot of time and energy over the years, by doing the hard work for him. No more back-breaking time spent winding on long lengths of hose.

But it’s not just the reel retraction that he is pleased about. “A lot of the hoses you know, they kink all the time, but with these, you don’t get that”, as he pointed to the Supa-Slip hose. Our hose is manufactured to be lightweight and is made is glide easily around trees, rocks and obstacles without catching or kinking. As the operator is working at the end of the hose, the hose cannot become tangled or caught.

“I don’t use it like a contractor uses it, but it gets used when I need it. It’s about as good as it can get, I think. It’s certainly a good unit!” Robert said.