By switching to Intelli-Spray equipment we were able to double our daily output. The low friction hose and remote controlled self-coiling hoses eliminated the need for having a dedicated hose puller at distances greater than 300 feet, allowing all four of us to spray up to 600 feet from the spray rigs at the same time.

“Additionally, the self-winding hose reels reduce hose windup time by eliminating the need to guide the hose as you wind the reel, not to mention the ability to pull my 200 lbs. up the steepest of hills!

“If we need to buy any new spray rigs, they will definitely be from Intelli-Spray.

Greg Nowell / All Seasons Weed Control

My Intelli-Spray system is very helpful in the jobs that I do as a weed sprayer. I often find myself walking up and down steep hills pulling the hose. The ‘Supa-slip’ hose allows me to maneuver the tallest sagebrush and the steepest hillsides. The automatic rewind reels save me a considerable amount of time and nerves, and enable me to do more jobs in a shorter period of time.

“It saves me time and it saves my clients money!

Todd Maki / Todd Maki Weed Control
The Saito Brothers were one of the first nurseries in California to recognize the many benefits that an Intelli-Spray could provide. They have invested in two machines and are thrilled with the results that they are getting.

“The machines deliver far more benefits than the manufacturers claim! The units have easily cut both our spraying time and material cost in half! After using Intelli-Spray systems, we would have to say that we were wasting time and chemical spraying the ‘old way.’

“We have told so many fellow growers about the advantages of the system that they think we have ulterior motives for recommending it! I have to tell them that we aren’t distributors for Intelli-Spray. We just think it’s fantastic!

Jeff Saito / Saito Brothers Nursery

West Flower Growers of Oxnard, California have had an Intelli-Spray system since October 2000.

Bob says, “The Intelli-Spray makes spraying a lot less demanding on the sprayer. In summer, when heat comes into the equation, the system is a great advantage. Due to Intelli-Spray, Workers Compensation is a lot less of a concern.”

“The Intelli-Spray hose is much easier to pull because it is considerably lighter than our old spray hose and the remote control rewind is a great advantage. The old spray hose would get caught up and I had to waste considerable amounts of time sorting the problem out.

Bob Suzuki & Juan Delgado / West Flower Growers

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