Quik Spray Takes National Agriculture Innovation Award

Quik Spray have walked away with the NAB Agribusiness Awards of Excellence at the Australian National Field Days in Orange over the weekend.

This was in recognition of our innovative design of the Solid EF Wetting Agent Dispenser. The award was decided by a panel of six judges with Quik Spray being presented the award by ANFD Chairman Dan Toohey and State Manager of the NAB Agribusiness James Nash at the prestigious Field Days event.

Founded in the agricultural industry, Quik Spray was delighted to be recognised for our ongoing relationship with the farming industry. Up against five other entries, Quik Corp was delighting to win two out of five categories.

Assessed on criteria including innovation, application to Australian agriculture, value for money and ease of use, the Solid Eco-Foam wetting agent dispenser can transform any spray unit into a fire fighting weapon. The Solid EF gives you the benefit of dispensing a wetting agent that acts like a firefighting foam without the added weight and caustic nature of liquid foam. This wetting agent cools the surface of a fire, ensuring it remains damp to blanket fire and prevents at-risk areas reigniting.

Parent company, Quik Corp, is no stranger to working alongside the Fire Service, and as the only company in the world with patents on solid and liquid foam dispensers, this product was designed and manufactured to provide farmers with the means to better protect their property during the long summer heat of the Australian fire season. With an easy to use design and 100% eco-friendly biodegradable water solvent cartridge, the Solid EF Dispenser is a vital asset to all farmers and landowners. This innovative product can be easily retrofitted to utilise the high pressure from your spray unit.

Any dry season can present a fire danger to all landowners, so it is definitely an added advantage if you can use your existing spray unit to better fight these threats.