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Product Description:
This 'reel only' Intelli-Spray model is an adaptable remote controlled retractable hose reel that can be easily connected to any existing system. Simple to use, the hose will rewind whenever a button on a small hand held transmitter is pressed. The retraction is powerful enough to easily rewind the full 300 feet length of the hose.

The remote control enables the operator to cover twice as much area in the same time. This means spraying can be completed in half the time without any extra effort!

Powered by a 12 Volt DC motor, the 12VS Intelli-Spray reel and can be used for Horticultural and selected weed-spraying activities. The 12VS is supplied with special "Supa-slip", high strength Polimer hose used on all Intelli-Spray units. The hose is lightweight, kink resistant and most importantly very easy to manoeuvre.

The 12VS is a ready made solution to easily upgrade any existing manual reel to provide the many benefits of a remote control retractable hose reel system.

The benefits of using a Intelli- Spray ensure it will pay for itself in a very short time!!
12VS 12VS
Product Specifications:
  • Single reel
  • Radio control retraction
  • 300ft "supa-slip" hose
  • 3/8" ID, 1000 psi BP
  • 12 volt 1/3 HP motor
  • Powder coated framework
  • Slip-on capability

Dimensions depend on specifications
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