October Update


Our QR UTV system now has a 200L tank!

Our QR400 12-volt system has been a huge hit with our customers. We noted that a few of you asked about a smaller tank, so we did something about it! We’re excited to now offer a 200L option. Smaller tank = More space on your tray! Give us a call today to see how the QR200 can work for your needs.

  • Perfect for side-by-side farm vehicles or dual-cab utes
  • Has the smallest footprint in the Quik Spray range
  • Comes with single or twin reels
  • Compact, 12volt unit
Ideal for:
  • Parks and Gardens spraying
  • Nurseries
  • Council
  • Small scale spraying tasks


The safe, healthy alternative to weed control

Steam treatment is the only chemical-free option available as there is zero chemical run-off to root systems or into waterways. Steam dissipates quickly, which means there is no chance of spray drift or off-target damage.  This makes it safe for use around sensitive areas. Quik Steam is ideal for parks, gardens, schools, playgrounds and public spaces.

The Quik Steam production team have been working around the clock to keep up with demand. Why? Because our units take the best features of an integrated functional spray unit with the most consistent temperature-controlled steam delivery at the nozzle. This means you get a better kill all the time.

If you would like a demo, call today on 1800 645 688 or register your interest here. 


Make sure your 12-volt battery is getting a full 12 volts to your radio gear.  If it’s not, the radio gear won’t operate properly or possibly not at all.  We have a great Trickle Charger for your battery that you can hook up, plug in and forget about.  It will turn on and off as necessary to keep your 12-volt battery performing at its peak.  Order through our website and receive 20% discount!