Quik Spray Launches New UTV Unit

Unveiled at Farm Fest in Toowoomba, the latest compact sprayer from Quik Spray packs a punch, with a brand new 12-volt reel design.


Quik Spray brand manager Ben Hestehauge said the machine is equipped with all the features of a full-sized unit, so you get superior spraying performance and the advantage of a compact, user-friendly system. “Even though Quik Spray already has a UTV based sprayer, the brand new QR400 is a 12-volt electric unit with an ultra-compact footprint,” he said. It’s the smallest unit in the Quik Spray range. Designed for UTV’s and side-by-side vehicles, it will even slide between the wheel-arches of a dual cab ute. We’ve packed in literally everything you need to spray, including the options of different hose on each reel, with remote-controlled retraction. A must-have for anyone serious about weed management. The adjustable friction brake, much like superior fishing reel systems, prevents hose over-run on the reel. The powerful 12-volt 150-watt electric motor ensures a snag-free operation in and around trees.  You’ll cover twice as much area in the same amount of time, without any extra effort!



The motor can handle up to a 60-kilogram force against the retraction. It’s the most powerful retraction available in an electric reel. How’s that for tough? The impressive footprint of the unit gives you 400 litres of water, complete with built-in forklift pockets for easy loading and unloading of your spray rig. The reels are positioned conveniently at elbow height for easy access. Mr Hestehauge said the icing on the cake was the inclusion of the new QR reel range. Compact and powerful, the inventors have included the same tried-and-true reel retraction mechanism used on full-sized Quik Spray systems.

Complete with remote-controlled reel, the 12-volt motor is powerful enough to retract up to 100m of hose, at the push of a button. It may be small, but it has all the power of a heavy-duty reel and isn’t shy of hard work. The heavy-duty reel retraction is what makes this sprayer a beaut to use. Hose management can be difficult at the best of times, especially for those in difficult terrain. And if you are trudging through the hills, guaranteed you’ll certainly feel the pain and struggles of getting your hose tangled up (and like Murphy’s law, it always happens in the worst location).


That’s why each Quik Spray, including this one, comes with Supa-Slip hose. Derived from vegetable oil, the hose is designed to slide around rocks, posts and trees, literally any obstacle, with ease.

Check out the QR400 in action! Watch the video here