Firefighting with your Quik Spray

Swaps Easily

Although it’s chemical-resistant and takes a beating over rocks and every surface you throw at it, your Supa-Slip hose isn’t fire-friendly. That’s why our kit includes 45m of fire-proof hose. Simply unwind your Supa-Slip reel and connect the Quik Connect coupling to the reel and press the rewind button to upgrade your sprayer to a firefighting unit. Will also work with your current spray nozzle.

Tested and Proven by local firies

Our Fire Upgrade Kit also includes a QCFE Fire Nozzle. It’s not just any spray gun; it has been ergonomically designed for bush firefighting. It’s designed to rest comfortably in your hand for extended use. It can also switch from jet to fog with a simple adjustment.

Used by Fire Agencies Nationwide

The pump and motor combination of a Quik Spray makes it an ideal system for firefighting. We have fire authorities across Australia that utilise Quik Spray pumps as firefighting units, so you know it’s got what it takes, to go the distance and perform when you need it most.
Used by agencies such as:
QLD Rural Fire | NSW Forestry | SEQ Water | Bushfires NT


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